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XinJiangMian tariffs as a passionate ChanMian volume surged - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Last week, In May 2018-7 11) Is 2017/2018 of the annual national cotton reserves the ninth week, China national cotton reserves management co. , LTD. Trading weight national cotton reserves of 150000 tons, including XinJiangMian 3. 70000 tons, accounting for more than 25%, ChanMian 11. 30000 tons, accounting for more than 75%; The actual clinch a deal the 10. 70000 tons, sell-through rate of 72%, clinch a deal XinJiangMian 3. 70000 tons, the sell-through rate of 100%, 7 ChanMian clinch a deal. 00000 tons, the sell-through rate of 62%. In the week, the national cotton reserves clinch a deal the average price of 14260 yuan/ton, fold the standard ( 3128). Clinch a deal price 15549 yuan/ton, XinJiangMian average price 14871 yuan/ton, the average price 1226 yuan/ton, the highest price 16290 yuan/ton, the lowest price 14010 yuan/ton; To clinch a deal ChanMian average price 13932 yuan/ton, the average price 276 yuan/ton, the highest price 15780 yuan/ton, the lowest price 13000 yuan/ton. On May 11, 2018, 2017/2018 of the annual national cotton reserves wheel out for 1. 29 million tons, of which to ChanMian XinJiangMian 410000 tons, 880000 tons; Cumulative volume of 710000 tons, sell-through rate of 55%, of which the XinJiangMian clinchs a deal of 410000 tons, brought in 99. ChanMian 99%, to 300000 tons, sell-through rate 34%; 496 cumulative volume enterprises, textile business clinch a deal, 330000 tons, accounting for more than 46%; Traders to clinch a deal of 380000 tons, accounted for 54%. Week, reserve XinJiangMian price, average price 1000 yuan/ton, reserves ChanMian volume surged, daily turnover rose to more than 10000 tons. National cotton prices CNCottonB index week for an average of 15606 yuan/ton, the previous average price rises 22 yuan/ton; The futures market, May 11, zheng cotton main contract closed at 15670 yuan/ton, CF1809 weeks once in 15800 yuan/ton, the short-term strong expectations; In futures prices, under the influence of atmosphere of the spot market is slightly better, 'double 29' XinJiangMian prices - in 15800 16300 yuan/ton, a rise of 200 - in the beginning of may 300 yuan/ton. Synchronization in phase now prices, under the situation of textile enterprises, the recent positive cotton demand, profit rebound, cotton prices will be supporting, otherwise part FangQi late for cotton prices rising expectations, plans to increase the purchase quantity. , xinjiang cotton production in cold weather, part of cotton seedlings of frostbite, early development, frow hardly affected.
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