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Application Of Tassel In Haute Couture Women's Design and Crafts

Application Of Tassel In Haute Couture Women's Design and Crafts


The main decorative details of Haute Couture women's dresses include appliqués, belts, bows, drawstrings, buckles, zippers, pleats, crochet hooks, embroidery, trims, embellishments, inlays, weaves, pockets, beadwork, tassels and more. With its swaying dynamics and strong line expression, the tassels are favored by haute couture women's designers and are widely used in haute couture women's wear.

1. Overview of tassels

The tassel is the meaning of "ear". It can be silk thread, feather, cloth strip, or even string and beads. It can be decorated on many things, on clothes, on curtains, under Chinese knots, more classical costumes, or Some decorative objects. In order to better reflect the luxury and elegance, the tassels commonly used in haute couture women are mostly silk, feathers and organza gauze strips. According to the effect that women have to achieve, or shiny, or feminine, or tough.

The tassel usually consists of three parts: a tassel strap cord, a tassel strap and a tassel strap dress. The tassel straps most commonly used in haute couture women are generally available in sizes of 1.5, 4.5 and 8 mm. The size of the tassel straps and tassel straps also varies with the thickness of the straps. The length and thickness of the strips and feathers can be adjusted according to the actual design of the garment to meet the design requirements.


2, the application of tassel in haute couture women's clothing

In haute couture women's clothing, many styles will choose silky tassels, using silk soft luster, or silk thread, or ribbon, or silk strips, rich in change, making women's clothing full of dynamic. The points formed by lines and braids, as well as the faces formed by braiding and tassels, can be applied to multiple parts of the garment. When designing haute couture women's clothing, designers should reasonably arrange the position and shape of tassels and use reasonable techniques to achieve the artistic conception that the clothing wants to express.

(1) Linear application, smooth and smooth

The tassel is originally a linear decoration. If you simply use the more traditional silk tassels for decoration, you get a linear effect, which is often used to decorate the belt and back. In addition to the ribbon-like tassel decoration, it can also be made of tassels with a stiff texture of organza for linear decoration. And by using the different textures and hardness of the material, not only can the tassels sag, but also the tassels can stand upright to get different effects.


(2) point and face combination, dense and dense
The lines gather and integrate points, and the points extend out of the line, which is loose and tight, and rich in change. The stacking of different density wires is repeated and arranged at various distances to achieve a simple, virtual and real contrast effect.


(3) negative effect, subtle elegance

Using the pattern of tassels to make a hollow figure, the negative effect can highlight the human skin covered by tassels, creating subtle elegance, highlighting sexy and mysterious.


(4) whole body design, dynamic and static combination

The tassel can also be used as a pattern design for the whole body, or the artistic expression of a straight or curved line is more dynamic and more versatile than the lines and patterns that are completely fixed on the fabric.


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