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Application Scene Of Reflective Embroidery Thread

Application Scene Of Reflective Embroidery Thread


1. Application of reflective embroidery thread on badge


2. Application of reflective embroidery thread in life scene


Whether it is on the bag or on the surface of the bag, the embroidery design with reflective elements has become the trend of choice for young people and outdoor enthusiasts.


Imagine if the night running shoes, wristbands, and headbands are embroidered with reflective logos, would it be cool? Cool or not is a matter of opinion, but we know that for night-running enthusiasts, the clothing with reflective elements is absolutely safe for night running, greatly improving a grade.


Reflective elements on the rain gear, used to remind the night train, pay attention to pedestrians in front of the night rain. Various creative reflective designs on the umbrella surface make the security warnings become literary and petty.


There are many lighting design applications in the beauty of the dance, and the use of reflective elements is an indispensable part of it. Scenes, costumes, and props can be seen everywhere with reflective embroidery and reflective fabrics.


On special days such as Christmas and New Year, people prefer to wear costumes with special or auspicious or weird totem patterns to add extra points to the festive atmosphere.


3. Some samples embroidered and woven with reflective yarn


Some designer friends did not know that there is a reflective embroidery thread before. Everyone just hears and thinks that "it is just a legend of the rivers and lakes." Now we said to everyone: Now, there is really. The reflective embroidery thread really ran on the embroidery machine. Everyone said that the reflective embroidery thread was not very good, but now, the reflective embroidery thread can really be used.

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