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The Birth Record Of A Short Fiber Anti-pilling

The Birth Record Of A Short Fiber Anti-pilling


Some of the current sweaters are made of filament fibers, and a large part of them are polyester, nylon and acrylic. The filament has continuous brightness, good strength and smoothness. Therefore, the proportion of filament sweaters is relatively large.


What is short fiber yarn? Natural such as cotton, hemp. Chemical fiber, polyester staple fiber yarn rayon (viscose) yarn. The yarn woven from this type of yarn is soft and feels good.

Short fiber products have a problem - pilling. What is the ball? The surface of the staple fiber product has tiny hairiness on the body for long-term friction, and it is easy to curl the hair to a "small ball". We call him a pilling ball. In addition to ugly, the product itself was destroyed.




The technique I am going to talk about today is anti-pilling. The common method now is to use anti-pilling treatment with chemical additives. Not much to say. What I want to talk about is that we who has been engaged for many years. Without any additives, we have upgraded the technology with short fibers, which can make short fibers resistant to pilling.

The normal short fiber is 2-2.5 , but we have turned it to level 4. Even more incredible is the number of times the woven fabric is resistant to pilling is 7,200.


This will make people like me with brains wide open, short-fiber rayon, cotton, and even corn fiber, soybean fiber, and other environmentally-friendly fiber products can be used, because of we don’t afraid of pilling .


There is no problem in the application of the sweater. After all, the anti-pilling yarn fiber has high application value.




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