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Xinjiang traders suspend midpoints - acquisition of seed cotton purchase price Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Learned, over 10 zheng period night dish rose sharply and seal to harden, institutions for cotton prices continued to rise in the expected increase, the main contract of 17000 even test 18000 dust cacophony of judgment. 11 'dot' procurement in the xinjiang foreign operators, cotton suddenly collective voice - — No longer external benchmark purchase price, also temporarily not accept cotton ginning mill 'point'. Industry analysis, on the one hand, is a trader in November before the purchase of 10 to hand pick cotton quantity is large, the railway, highway of xinjiang problem ( Trucks profits rise continuously make part of the procurement contract sharply reduced or even losses) , or affect the delivery; On the other hand from the technical side, zheng period is still on, high innovation may, while 100% do the hedge, but also need to make up the deposit before delivery is not a small sum of money, if continue to accept cotton ginning mill 'point' is likely to be the set of the deep. Due to zheng period, 11 in xinjiang regulatory library lint what price to the buyers and sellers are in the heart has no bottom, the seller wants main futures contract price is reduced, but the buyer only willing to raise 100 - 200 yuan/ton purchase, so the market volume is not big. 10 - 11th, in xinjiang seed cotton purchase price fluctuation is not big, hand picking cotton purchase price ( 40% lint, less than 13% water) 7. 30 - 7. 40 yuan/kg, southern xinjiang aksu, korla, part of the cotton ginning mill is 7. 10 - 7. For 20 yuan/kg; Kuytun, shihezi, sha wan hand picked cotton purchase price 7. 20 - 7. 30 yuan/kg. Even into the mid and late acquisition, cotton ginning mill seed cotton purchase price difference than 0. 50 yuan/kg, mid high grade high quality flowers, Moisture less than 11%) The price 7. 40 - 7. 50 yuan/kg. 'A cotton' sell seed cotton purchase price 7. 20 - 7. 30 yuan/kg, peaches, autumn frost after the price is for 7 of the flower. 00 - 7. 10 yuan/kg, individual cotton ginning mill in southern xinjiang cotton, yellow dye cotton purchase price in point pollution dropped to 7. 00 yuan/kg. Some cotton mills said, from the point of cost, zheng issue do hedge or even a slight profit ( Higher profits pick up cotton machine) , but the transportation from xinjiang is difficult, a worry freight continued to rise, the profit is swallowed up; The second worry that cannot be shipped to the library on the mainland delivery on schedule.
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