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Xinjiang's largest cotton transformation and upgrading of industrial base - to promote reform Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Xinjiang news net news on 22 May (online Xinjiang station reporter JingLei intern reporter Huang Lili aksu station reporter Li Pu hong-hai zhang) : as the largest cotton textile industry base in xinjiang, this year, take measures to promote reform, transformation and upgrading of aksu area to ensure that the cotton textile enterprise long-term development. Early summer, akzo giant eagle cotton industry to adjust product structure, spun out of the product for the market, this paragraph of time the market sales price rising. Company general manager assistant xin-sheng wang told reporters: 'in 2016 we in aksu a 200000 pounds on cotton textile industry city project, new capacity of 1. 3, 50000 tons of annual production, increase sales income. 2 $. 'dozens of cotton textile enterprise at the same time of actively adjust the structure transformation and upgrading, the local government also issued a series of preferential policies in time, helping enterprises grasped the nettle. Aksu mediatek textile co. , LTD. , director of the office of Andy: 'for textile enterprises, the textile industry is skilled, practice makes perfect, to improve the production efficiency, the government gave us some subsidies for pre-service training, and gave subsidies on electricity, enterprises on the new project also gives certain subsidies. 'currently, spinning production capacity has reached 4. 3 million pounds of aksu area, close to half of whole xinjiang spinning capacity, all kinds of textile enterprise employees more than 150000 people, according to the pace of development, now to the' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in 'at the end of the whole industry chain will complete the output value of 75 billion yuan, employment of 320000 people. Aksu area development and reform commission (NDRC) party secretary ali wood jiang o w: 'original production of cotton spinning industry basically is the primary products, the future development is toward cotton, printing and dyeing, weaving and garment the high-end development direction, let the aksu cotton products and textile products during much starker choices-and graver consequences-in can out of xinjiang, out of the country, towards the world. ”
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