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Xinjiang is becoming the current textile industry investment - most heat area Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Recently, the autonomous region people's government issued a national Treasury is calculated, according to a report in xinjiang is becoming the current textile industry investment in the heat of the highest. At present, the yarn, cotton yarn market has presented the traditional mainland imports of low-grade yarn and yarn 'upturn in xinjiang' three pillar 'structure. As the cotton yarn of the influx of abroad and domestic cotton prices rising, domestic FangQi investment quietly become a hot spot in xinjiang. Under the support of national policy, waffer color spinning, texhong, henan new item, and many other advantages on the mainland invest in xinjiang cotton textile enterprises. By the end of 2015, xinjiang cotton production capacity has reached 12 million pounds. Last year, the xinjiang cotton yarn, yarn imports in mainland with the comparative advantage of the meteoric rise of all-round to grab market share. Now, in the new spinning project of xinjiang, technology, advanced equipment and complete product class, must spindle yarn in xinjiang is becoming a backbone to resist foreign cotton impact. Xinjiang as the major cotton producing areas in our country, accounted for over 60% of the national production of cotton resources, preliminarily formed the industrial system dominated by cotton and viscose fiber. Cotton resources, land resources, energy resources and the advantages of the xinjiang action around the industry for xinjiang laid a solid foundation for the development of textile and garment industry, textile and apparel industry is becoming a leading employment key pillar industry in xinjiang. According to statistics, in 2016, the xinjiang textile and garment industry investment in the fixed assets of 479. 700 million yuan, rose 50. 9%; The number of textile and garment enterprises reached 1964, 504 new home at the end of 2015. Predicts 2020, the xinjiang to build up the basic national important cotton spinning industry base, the northwest region, and the silk road economic belt core clothing apparel production base and export hub in the west. Textile industry is the traditional pillar industry in our country, the important industry of the people's livelihood, and create new advantages of industry internationalization, is science and technology and fashion fusion, clothing industrial and consumer industries. Due to the textile industry in xinjiang is influenced by the strategic adjustment of China's economy period, thus it has the special track. In east and central textile industry transfer process, the textile industry in xinjiang should be combined with its own unique advantages, form our own label. Get rid of local characteristics and national features, green manufacture, responsibility, development will become the xinjiang this brand new markers. Hold the 'gap' of economic development in xinjiang, relying on the resources of xinjiang cotton, grasp the strategic opportunity, make can reflect the characteristics of xinjiang beautiful brand.
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