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Xinjiang farce sheng textile spinning project settled in shihezi - drones Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Recently in shihezi economic and technological development zone, xinjiang plans to invest 1 farce sheng textile co. , LTD. 600 million yuan to build drones start spinning project. The project successful landing marked by the open area in scientific and technological innovation drive, promote the supply side achieve new breakthroughs in structural reform, is to further optimize the industrial layout, expand the development space of specific actions, is the eighth division of shihezi vigorously implement the strategy of textile and clothing industry to create more employment opportunities, the important measures to accelerate the development of textile and clothing industry. Plans to invest 1 xinjiang farce sheng textile co. , LTD. 600 million yuan to build 3120 Swiss rieter uav spinning project. This is for the first time the introduction of high-end air spinning project in xinjiang, equipment level and leading products in xinjiang, to achieve full process automation, intelligent, digital production line. The project plan construction began in September 2017, before the end of August 2018 fully completed and put into operation, will add a gross industrial output value is 300 million yuan RMB reaches producing the year after next. Eighth division division standing committee of the municipal party committee, eight division deputy commander Hou Guojun said that project is the important carrier of economic and social development and the important engine. Shihezi economic and technological development zone for a long time, firmly grasp the 'silk road economic belt' in-depth implementation of the western market opportunities, the textile industry to the transfer of industry opportunities and promote the employment of one million people in xinjiang policy opportunities, taking market demand as the guidance, policy support as the platform, to undertake industrial transfer, to enhance independent innovation ability, and communities in relying on cotton textile industry base advantage, strengthen industrial supporting ability, promote the transformation and upgrading of cotton spinning industry chain upstream, focus on developing ring spun, air spinning high-quality yarn and weaving machine and other advanced technology and equipment. Hou Guojun said, during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in', by the open area to do the upgrade basis, characteristics, break through the clothing as the main line, to undertake transfer, the east west for the two wings, to textile and garment industry chain development system. 'Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' at the end of the open area to build a border corps of dyeing and printing center, clothing production and processing center, the national high-quality cotton, cotton yarn, cotton production base and one of the country's largest natural colored cotton products development, processing and marketing base.
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