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Xinjiang cotton sales embarrassed - polarized medium quality sink Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
According to the silver cotton industry researcher understands from northern xinjiang region processing factory, because of influenced by fill FangQi library before the Spring Festival, the recent sales of the crop prices rebound slightly, but present a trend of polarization. A factory director, said previously due to futures fell and FangQi raw material inventory more ample, traders and textile mills to take careful attitude towards purchasing, xinjiang cotton sales not free. But in recent period of time, many FangQi to stock up before the Spring Festival, the other outside combined with cotton prices, cotton sales market has increased as a whole. It is understood that the plant a total processing ginned cotton this year more than one hundred batch, ginned cotton sold for more than half, recently, mainland FangQi purchasing the part of the cotton in the factory, make the factory backlog of inventory. But for the holiday market forecasts, national cotton reserves in March round the factory says don't look good. In addition it is understood that the current xinjiang cotton sales market presents the trend of polarization, the quality index of good cotton as long as the price is right, don't worry about a market; And ask for a lower level flower because a lot of air spinning enterprises, for the quality indicators is not high, so it is easy to sell cheap, low grade cotton. Compared with high-grade flowers, and the low level price on the high side, the quality index of medium flower sales.
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