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Xinjiang cotton farmers plowing BeiBo busy agricultural capital costs rose broadly - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
As the weather warmed, xinjiang region started farming preparation. Hubei silver cotton industry information center, pesticide, chemical fertilizer costs rising from 2017, 2018, artificial rising costs also have a certain degree, but cotton planting intentions are not affected. According to, according to a WuSu cotton farmers fertilizer price in 2018, including 1800 yuan/ton, urea and last year, only 1250 yuan/ton, 3800 yuan/ton, potash prices for 700 yuan/ton in 2017. Calculated that is equal to the fertilizer up 30 - an acre of land 40 yuan, the reason of price increases may be associated with environmental policies. The farmers said, although the agricultural capital costs rise, but this year the planting area increased 40% year on year, still has more than 4000 mu. Think cotton, a look at the weather, the second is to take good management can have a good harvest, or more confident as a whole. In addition, understands from local cotton mills, some factory in early December when all finish selling ginned cotton, mainly catch the futures market, in the futures delivery library made the warehouse receipt, a smooth transition. For this year after the listing of the crop, high-grade cotton prices will rise by conservative estimates, bullish market in 2019.
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