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Vietnam cotton estimated total dosage of textile mills of 5. 1 million package - this year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Because of increased cotton yarn exports in mainland China, Vietnam, cotton yarn for the past four years to grow into three times, estimated 2015/2016 national total dosage of textile mills of 5. 1 million bales. According to the USDA today to the United States department of agriculture ( 2016). Cotton report in January, 2015/2016, total growth in global cotton demand, Vietnam is accounted for half. From 2011/2012 to 2015/2016 of net yarn exports to more than 40% annual growth. Mainland China is Vietnam's biggest yarn export market, its market share over the past few years constantly amplification, currently 80% ~ 90% of total exports. According to the report, the growth and mainland investment in Vietnam sharply spinning and wholesalers migration related sites. The trend of the main driving force for China domestic cotton policy, make domestic cotton prices to let many spinning mill can't make profit. According to the report, the domestic use of the cotton yarn consumption has an astonishing growth, since 2011/2012, grow more than doubled. As a result, more and more yarn exports to mainland China, Vietnam's role in the textile value chain more ascension. For 2015/2016 year, the United States department of agriculture USDA cut its forecasts of global output, most of the tableland is due to changes in Pakistan, India and China; And only slightly lower consumption forecast. Trade rise to about 700000 package, production and use in the United States is slightly lower, but the final inventory is raised. About major exporter, expected from Pakistan import demand will be higher, so India's trade volume has raised 500000 bales to 5. 8 million; And Australia because of the end of the season high shipments and raise package of 150000 to 3. 75 million. As the market is strong demand for west African cotton, west African country Mali package has also been raised 100000 to 1. 2 million, Brazil was raised for more recent sales package of 100000 to 4. 3 million. At the same time, because the harvest is less, turkmen trade package cut 100000 to 1 million; Pakistan imports are as crop yields less and buy should be strong, and increase the package of 700000 to 2. 7 million.
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