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Turkey on imported nylon yarn to make final - safeguard measures Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
On October 23, 2019, the WTO to the committee on safeguards to release the safeguard measures of Turkish delegation submitted to the bulletin. On October 22, 2019, Turkey investigation organ in the official gazette, according to the announcement on imported nylon ( Or other polyamide) Yarn ( YarnsMadeofNylonorOtherPolyamides) Make final safeguard measures, it is suggested that since November 21, 2019, a three-year special tariff on product ( Measures as shown in the table below) 。 Products involved in the Turkish id number 5402. 31, 5402. 32. 00. 00. 00, 5402. 45, 5402. 51, 5402. 61, including drafting textured yarn ( DTY) , the whole fdy ( FDY) Polyester yarn, partial ( POY) And nylon ( Or other polyamide) Other yarn made of. On December 30, 2018, Turkey on imported nylon ( Or other polyamide) Yarn to start the safeguards investigation. Original: https://docsonline. 世贸组织。 org/dol2fe/Pages/SS/directdoc. aspx吗? 文件名=问:/ G / SG / N8TUR17。 pdf
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