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Traders speculative demand recovery cotton yarn to reduce imports a third - in April Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-09-07
Cotton yarn market trading further this week, as foreign outbreak, business activity restart in succession, the early part of the suspension of export orders also notified succeeded. As of May 28, the domestic C32S average closed at 18715 yuan/ton, fell 17 yuan/ton, or narrow. This week cotton remain volatile, as of today, CC3128B closed at 11807 yuan/ton, is last week fell 93 yuan/ton, or 0. 78%. It is understood that since late may enter, the department of cotton traders, cotton ginning mill pressure rise of funds, combined with zheng cotton in 11500 - in a row More than 12000 yuan/ton, and speculators confidence shaken, they in order to speed up the shipment, drained downgrades of basis, grasp every opportunity to inventory. FangQi aspect, at 28, Chinese yarn stock index closed at 29. Seven days, the boot load at 50. 9%. The demand side is largely characterized by speculative demand, FangQi to very few, mostly traders in the purchase. Analysis are as follows: 1. The price of cotton is low, natural bottom power; 2. Expected to Europe and the United States to return to work, Chinese demand gradually recovered, the downstream orders increase; 3. Intentions booth low depth of the early loss of resource cost; 4. After some traders make cast goods, inventory is not much, just need to fill. From the point of industry chain downstream demand side, the grey market or more worrying. As of 28 Chinese fabric boot load index closed at 49. The stock closed at 6%, 31. 2 days, boot decline, stocks to rise. Areas, in addition to nantong and lanxi, in other parts of the boot is very low, the main consideration to maintain the workers. Fabric inventory is still large, local is still on the rise. Due to seasonal factors, weaving factory and traders to the early stage of the production of goods this year is difficult to digest, so they are still in this part of the hands of inventory, and due to a drop in prices, this part of the depth is at a loss, some factories and traders are reluctant to cut meat lead to cash flow losses, to increase the other inventory. Import yarn continue to test this week, both inside and outside yarn price difference after upside down, spread further. As of May 28, FCY Index C32S fold the renminbi spot price closed at 18522 yuan/ton, fell 23 yuan/ton. As India's domestic textile clothing production, India cotton prices gradually stabilized. And the latest week, Pakistan cotton yarn (domestic and export prices continue to fall, the downstream processing enterprises return to return to work slowly, demand is still very weak, the price can't support. According to customs statistics, in April 2020, China imported 140000 tons of cotton yarn, reduce year-on-year 26. 32%. Since 2019/20, 2019. 9 - 2020. 4) Accumulated in China imported 1. 24 million tons of cotton yarn, fell 4. 62%. You can see that the outbreak and inverse of globalization on our country's textile industry has caused very big effect. But fortunately the whole cotton spinning industry chain market sentiment may gradually improve, the outbreak of a new global champions league panic also began to fade, both cotton and FangQi and knitting factory judgment of the whole industry & other; To the dark moments & throughout; Has in the past, the reasons are as follows: first, the global outbreak is being effectively controlled, the global economy comprehensive resume just around the corner. Foreign trade orders returned to normal level since mid-may of about 50%, especially in Japan and South Korea to single; Countries such as Italy, Spain up shopping boom, the spinning clothing, clothing and so on retaliatory consumption. As including the bundesliga, serie a and la liga and the launch of a cup, the European economy will accelerate with China, Japan and South Korea economic recovery; And the United States, India, Brazil, Russia and other countries for epidemic seriously insufficient, fight disease and adverse & other; The check & throughout; 。 Second, from a trump to our country again and again by the problem of the Hong Kong & other; Finger-pointing throughout, gossiping &; Still continue to be valid, but the first stage of China and the United States trade agreement to the ground, china-us trade relations again tearing apart and & other; Fisticuffs & throughout; Possibility is not big, the current various & other; Chicken fly a dog to jump & throughout; Mostly for the President's campaign. Three, & other The two sessions & throughout; Will lay a foundation for zheng period rebound, spinning clothing such as small, high employment rate of the enterprise will benefit. One is that monetary policy will continue to loose, drop rate cut still have larger space, LPR downward trend will not change; Second, focus on & other; The two sessions & throughout; How fiscal policy, how to support the micro, small and medium enterprises production, promote employment, tough problems. The central bank's monetary policy committee ma, the fiscal deficit to monetize essence is: under the condition of the government in finance to make ends meet, not through & other; Borrow money & throughout; ( As to the market issue) To provide financing for its fiscal deficit, but on our own & other Printing money & throughout; For the deficit. Let's hope in the next few months & other; Slack season and off-season not light & throughout; In the case.
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