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Too clever, a cotton mill in Cangnan burned down

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Not listening to persuasion and operating in violation of regulations, the head of a cotton textile factory allowed electricians to use electric welding equipment to weld and cut the gate without any protective measures. The two also made a simple protective cover by themselves, thinking that everything was foolproof. As a result, sparks spattered and sparked a fire.   At around 4 pm on May 7, the Wangli Police Station of the Cangnan County Public Security Bureau received an alarm call that a fire broke out in a cotton textile factory within its jurisdiction. After receiving the police, the police and firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire.   After investigation, the cause of the fire was that electrician Chen did not take protective measures during the electric welding and cutting, which caused sparks to splash on the surrounding cotton pile during electric welding, causing a fire. Due to the large fire at the scene and the more serious losses, the business owner Li was also hospitalized for treatment for burns.   It is reported that Li, the business owner, was preparing to transform the gate into a sliding door, so he called Chen, an electrician, to be responsible for the modification. During this period, someone suggested that the surrounding cotton yarn could easily cause fires, but Li and others did not listen to advice, and they pretended to make a simple protective cover, thinking that this would 'perfectly' avoid fires. As a result, it was this self-righteous 'little cleverness' that prevented the fire alarm from being discovered in the first place, which ultimately led to the tragedy.   At present, Chen has been administratively detained by the Cangnan police for negligent fire and illegal use of open flames. The case is under further trial. Business owner Lee is currently hospitalized. Article Keywords:  Cangnan Cotton Spinning Fire
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