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Tongxiang puyuan become the venue of the 2020 'clearing installation character world Olympic Games' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
In 2018, the 87th annual international congress on wool spinning, as China's national committee of Chinese wool textile industry association, submit to the IWTO tongxiang puyuan town as in 2020, the 89th annual international conference on wool spinning site application, and in 2018, general meeting on May 16, the international wool textile organization won unanimously. International congress on wool spinning industry of textile in the Olympic Games of the world '. Puyuan international event venue style as we have learned, international conference on wool spinning, so far, only in the domestic Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou and zhangjiagang been held four cities. Of what is favored industry puyuan, become the site of the 89th annual international conference on wool spinning? Puyuan is China's largest wool textile products production and sales base. In the market, which is committed to the sweater industry transformation and upgrading, promote the quality of puyuan sweater industry, branding and vogue; In the industry, which in the repairing quality, external international, actively 'go out' to 'puyuan sweater' successfully fought brand awareness; By introducing the international high-end design research and development of talents, strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known university, innovative technology development, which is transformed into agglomeration creative design, development, sweater knitting material culture exhibition, fashion trends publish and tourism drive for the integration of the international first-class characteristic town. At the same time, China wool textile industry association, the international wool bureau and puyuan cooperation, promote innovation in the field of wool products in the market. Market and industry of the benign interaction, promoting the healthy development of the whole wool knitting industry, and formed puyuan as the core, radiation surrounding areas, more than 6000 agglomeration production enterprises, industrial workers more than ten thousand people in the wool knitting industrial clusters, as the best group of industrial cluster. In addition, the perfect wool knitting industry chain and years successfully held China puyuan wool knitting clothing exposition, puyuan international fashion week's successful experience, and livable appropriate industry should swim, ecological living environment of production integration, allowing puyuan to world woolen textile, industry development platform for the exchange of information. Tongxiang city is event, is the fashion industry new opportunities today, market consumption focus has gradually shifted from technology to the content of fashion and personalized products. Therefore, puyuan sweater industry changed the pace is accelerating. 'In zhejiang province as the first characteristic town in town, the first batch of Chinese characteristics,' fashion 'is the label of puyuan a consistent. In recent years, through the snap 'market, industry, tourism' three card, puyuan search out a new path of transformation and upgrading. 'Puyuan town party secretary, puyuan sweater market management committee director wei-ming su said. So, as the venue for this event, puyuan prepared to every field enterprise agglomeration in the global wool industry chain, learn how to nutrients and energy? 'The 89th annual international congress held in puyuan wool textile, can at home in close communication with international and domestic wool textile industry chain enterprises, on the one hand, greatly increasing puyuan the visibility and influence of the fashion industry, contribute to the continued toward puyuan 'professional, vogue and internationalization direction development, on the other hand will help puyuan more open horizons promotes communication, more broad thinking seek cooperation and development of mind absorb fusion, accelerate puyuan sweater from quarterly to the four seasons all category fashion apparel. 'Wei-ming su said. There is no doubt that the international conference on wool spinning is not only a global industry event, more will be tongxiang fashion industry in the development of a new opportunity. Links: (1) decoding international wool organization as we have learned, (the international organization for wool spinning English abbreviations IWTO) Was founded in 1927, is a representative of the world wool production, wool spinning industry and relevant trade interests in the field of non-governmental international organization. Currently the group has 22 member states and 17 member states. According to statistics, 78% of the world's wool produced in the IWTO members, 87% of the wool trade between the IWTO members, 90% of wool top IWTO members, 92% wool fabrics produced from IWTO members. Since the 1990 s, China has become the world's largest wool importer of raw material and product processing. China is now in wool processing capacity accounts for about 35% of the world's total wool processing. In march of 1998, China wool textile industry association on behalf of the Chinese wool textile industry to join the IWTO. Puyuan is the association vice-chairman unit. Join the IWTO over the past 20 years, China wool spinning industry got great development. (2) about the international conference on wool spinning wool spinning international conference ( The international wool textile organization convention) Is the activity of the organization every year is the most important. Congress held regularly every year in between each member in turn, is the world's woolen textile effective platform to exchange information, discuss the development of the industry. The representatives including wool producers and traders, primary processing enterprises, yarn, fabric and garment manufacturers, etc. , it also include the establishment of retail enterprises and other related industries. The annual meeting is composed of many theme lectures and BBS, content involves wool production and trade, processing, and clothing, indoor textiles and technical textiles development direction, etc.
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