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by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
Bridd source, director of the China cotton textile industry association has a line of four people to xiajin research cotton textile industry development situation, accompanied by QiChuan, deputy head of the north. Findings into a line successively into the kernel and spinning and weaving, when new cotton industry, and the six companies such as textile, tianrun textile field to examine the production and operation of an enterprise, and enterprise technical capacity and future development planning, construction, and so on and so forth and head of the discussion. Research group in our county cotton textile enterprise in the fierce market competition constantly affirmed his self innovation, transformation and upgrading of the practice, in xiajin county committee, the county government in such aspects as technical, financial and personnel to intensify policy support highly. At the same time for industry development planning, industrial park construction guidance is proposed. QiChuan north, said xiajin county committee, the county government will lift force of the county, further intensify policy support, to speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industrial park construction, formulates plans for the development of industry, promote the cotton textile industry bigger and stronger.
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