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'Tianmen textile machinery · jinlun card clothing' yarn quality technology BBS - march Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
On March 29 ~ 31, 'tianmen textile machinery · jinlun card clothing' BBS yarn quality and technology of China in 2018 will be held in xuzhou, jiangsu province. BBS will be 'innovative breakthrough fu can' as the theme, special textile industry leader, university professors, well-known enterprises, according to the analysis of industry policy orientation and economic situation change and innovation of the enterprise management under the new form, the production process of quality, cost, the scene, such as personnel, equipment, management innovation and to plan as a whole, enterprise energy saving measures and practical results, information technology, textile technology, fusion materials technology promote product innovation, intelligent production line, new software, new tools and new market creating industry development pattern and so on, connive the way of the development of the company. The BBS of the national cotton textile science and technology information center, the journal club-sponsored cotton textile technology, hubei tianmen textile machinery co. , LTD. , jinlun card clothing ( Jiangsu) Co. , LTD. , name, by Qingdao global group co. , LTD. , wuxi two rubber co. , LTD. , rizhao pinter yuhua textile technology co. , LTD. , Beijing it image vision co. , LTD. BBS will invite authoritative scholars and excellent enterprise line experts and r&d staff is 'the application of new materials, new product development, technology innovation, and total quality management' of the common concerns for companies such as on-site interaction, to solve the enterprise on behalf of all kinds of technical problems are put forward. Exhibit, at the same time, the venue set up products at home and abroad well-known textile machinery, key equipment manufacturing company will release the latest product information, introduces the application of new products and innovative technology.
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