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The yarn show import yarn still concern - gradually into the climax Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
On March 15, the 15th China international textile yarn ( Spring and summer) The exhibition in the second day, crowds as the venue, several times more than the first day, come into the climax. The yarn is still full of international characteristic, from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, uzbekistan, 60 several exhibitors, including Pakistan's most exhibitors. Exhibitors enthusiasm, visitors also interested, many booths at all the hustle and bustle, and customers in an endless stream. As the cotton price difference inside and outside the two years back, the import yarn trade is no longer as before with limitless scenery good, yet at the yarn show interest is very high. This is mainly because: 1. Import yarn traders have recently made. Due to its currency to rise more than expected in the near future money for the settlement of trade agent, loose and inquiry to strong, will miss some early to market traders also regret, and therefore focused on import yarn price, hope to be able to seize the next wave. 2. After early a few years development, although prices and market has ups and downs, but has imported yarn into a mature industry, traders also have many long-term cooperation factories. So whatever price move, to maintain the downstream customers, always need to replenish onr's stock, appropriate is more or less. 3. Import yarn trade in general is 90 days l/c settlement, available financing tools, financing demand for imported yarn forming support. 4. Many imported yarn factory for domestic enterprises in overseas factories, so most of the need to back home.
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