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The USDA: American cotton has reduced slightly - signing Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
According to the United States department of agriculture, the influence of American cotton export contracts for two weeks to cancel, as of June 21st, the 2017/18 cotton net export sales slightly decreased to 381. 10000 tons, 12% increase over the previous year, complete the USDA export forecasts of 108%, up from 104% a year earlier. As of June 21, a week, the United States 2017/18 0 upland cotton export contract cancelled. 430000 tons, a week before the cancel 2. 550000 tons. As of June 21st, American cotton shipped quantity up to 3. 09 million tons, up 6% from a year earlier, to complete the USDA export forecast of 83%. The rest this year, American cotton average shipped quantity of about 7 weeks. 40000 tons. As of June 21st, the 2018/19 cotton net export contract amount up to 1. 25 million tons, up 29% from a year earlier, to complete the USDA export forecast of 37%, up from 27% a year earlier.
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