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The u. s. -china tensions cotton pressure - in the world Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
New forecasts, is expected in 2018 the world cotton trading volumes will be increased, but ongoing trade tensions and increased competition from other major exporters in the United States cotton trade share drop. In the latest survey, 'the annual planting intentions' of the national cotton industry association ( NationalCottonCouncil NCC) Influencing the U. S. cotton industry economic prospects several key factors in 2019. NCC economists said: in 2018, is likely to be the global economy and the world cotton market exists significant uncertainty and volatility in the year. This prospect, the ultimate fate of tariff is important to affect the global cotton market. Statement according to the u. s. -china talks, NCC think that the two countries to impose additional duties will be cancelled before cotton annual sales in 2019. In the analysis of the survey, NCC for economic and policy analysis, vice President of Dr JodyCampiche pointed out that although the United States cotton volume decreased, but the United States will still be the largest exporter in 2018, exports are expected to reach 15 million packages ( 1 package of about 480 pounds) 。 In customs duties prior to the implementation of, the United States can use the Chinese cotton imports increase in a dominant position. With the 25% tariff collection, China in 2018 sales annual turn to other suppliers to buy, Brazil, Australia and other countries to reap the cotton market share. Vietnam is currently the largest 2018 crop export market, followed by China, Mexico. In 2018, China imported 7. 5 million bales, more than in 2017 1. 8 million bales. The gap between China's cotton consumption and production of about 13 million packages, and now the reserves of inventory close to normal or can maintain the level, China is expected to increase cotton imports in 2019. Is expected in 2019, American cotton exports at the same time will increase to 17. 4 million bales. If agreed, it will become America's second high goods exports, second only to the annual sales of 2005. Campiche estimates that in 2019 the world production is expected to increase to 7 million packages, reaches 1. 25. 5 billion bag, it will be the highest level since 2011. Moreover outside China inventory in 2019 is expected to increase to record levels. NCC said: like any predictions for the future, uncertainty and unknown factors may change the results of the future. Key factors for the coming year, the impact of American cotton industry is ongoing us-china trade disputes and to import to export to China of the quilt to impose a 25% tariff. Keeps the same tariff, the expansion of world trade is expected and cotton back into other markets will lead to U. S. cotton exports in 2019 annual sales growth, but such as tariff no adjustment will not achieve the desired level. The long-term will greatly influence the American cotton duty in the Chinese market share of city, there is the possibility of permanent losses.
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