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The textile orders fell afraid to use credit mode - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
To understand since national cotton reserves round out the textile enterprises inventory structure, operating conditions, the next step of raw cotton purchase intention, national cotton reserves outbound policy and service proposal, cotton price trend forecast and cotton cultivation condition. China cotton net reporter to xiajin county of shandong province, zouping county. We have learned, xiajin in 3 - 50000 pounds of small and medium-sized textile enterprises is given priority to, flexible operation mode, can be adjusted in time according to market environment, policy generation and operation mode, the product is given priority to with the medium yarn, including 21 s and 32 s in the majority. Zouping county textile enterprises concentrated work in zouping county Ming town park, with eight 100000 pounds of medium-sized textile enterprises, a air spinning, most enterprises for ring spun, mainly the production of slub yarn, yarn products to perfection is given priority to, including 10 s - Mostly in the 30 s. Businesses generally reflect, at present the yarn profits at a lower level, are greatly influenced by textile off-season, less and less order from 6 months, money collecting slower, now almost nonexistent credit model. Because shandong zouping Xia Jin and give priority to with spinning low yarn, textile companies reflect recent is impacted by the outer yarn is bigger, a few enterprises production, down time, most of the companies said affected by high temperature, lack of workers, companies have been in the north-west. Good enterprises, high mechanization degree, need fewer workers. Visit coincided with the examination of the relevant department of the environment, according to the enterprise, the recent environmental authorities stepped up inspections, dust removal equipment, textile companies innovation strengthen workshop clean up.
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