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The second half of India's cotton supply abundant textile production and export value - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
Media messages, by last year's cotton prices stimulate, 2017/18 India planting intentions began to rebound, 2017/18 Indian cotton planting area increased dramatically, cotton output rose 11% to 37. 5 million packages ( 1 package = 170 kg) 。 It is predicted that India 2017/18 cotton planting area increased 19% year-on-year to 12. 3 million hectares, more than in the past five years, 11. 5 million hectares of 7% higher than that of average level. But given the adverse factors such as unstable monsoon rainfall and pests or will lead to yield fell 7% to 520 kg/ha, is expected in the 2017/18 season after two quarters, the increase in cotton output will greatly benefit in cotton textile enterprise, cotton prices will improve in the second half of cotton export prospects. According to statistics, in the second quarter of 2017/18 of India's cotton textile production margins to 10. 3%, the lowest in nearly five years. Expect about 70% of the cotton 2017/18 will be postponed to next year, the 2018/19 India textile raw material costs will remain at a lower level. Although India's economic recovery and market consumption will support the domestic demand for cotton, but as the textile trade partner's economic outlook is improving, and the recovery of export incentives, etc. , or to 2018 yarn price.
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