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The processing of the crop in east-central recorded in drought - seriously Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
At Christmas, On December 25) In northern Texas and plateau areas of the United States, the harvest of the crop has been completed 90% and 50% respectively. Local cotton ginning mill a day two class and continue to processing the crop, the vast majority of cotton ginning mill will continue to work until January. In Texas cotton for optimistic sowing in 2018. At present, the delta region of Arkansas two shifts a day processing the crop, harvesting and processing progress faster, much of the southern region of southeastern cotton ginning mill is running at full capacity. In Arizona, new Mexico, the processing of the crop progress reached 55 - 65%, the United States warehouse are busy shipment and accept C/A region of the crop. According to the United States department of agriculture statistics, as of December 15, processing has completed 317 of the crop in the United States. 60000 tons, year-on-year growth of 14. 2%. Last week, On December 18 24) There are 25, the United States southeast area 75 mm rainfall, which is beneficial to supply moisture to the soil, but the future still need more rain to improve the current drought conditions, some cotton-producing area in nearly three months of rain only a quarter of the normal level. North delta appear good rainfall, but the Arkansas is in a state of severe drought. Tennessee in most of the extreme drought and the state of Missouri. Delta in the south of the northern Louisiana and Mississippi are in moderate to severe drought.
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