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The key factor to improve the quality of agglomeration spinning yarn - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
1 fan exhaust air and negative pressure suction tube negative pressure suction tube the size of the negative pressure is the most direct impact agglomeration yarn quality, the most critical factors. Negative pressure fan bellows inside the product cost is also a key factor to influence negative pressure suction tube, in the daily production, must be clear in time the bellows flowers, stabilizing the negative pressure. According to the actual test and production, found that agglomeration spinning needs to keep the negative pressure in 2. 4 kpa ~ 3。 0 kPa。 Higher negative pressure is too low will cause breakage, hairiness increase, long hairiness length, hairiness irregularity. According to the measured, under the same conditions of temperature and humidity, negative pressure in 2. 4 kPa~2. 7 kPa, the front and the rear of the negative pressure difference about 0. 15 kPa~0. 35 kPa, hairiness difference of about 30%. Production practice has proved that 888 spinning frame can choose 4. More than 2 kW suction fan, appropriately increased negative pressure fan speed, can reduce the front and the rear of the negative pressure difference, as far as possible to reduce the effects of negative pressure difference to yarn quality. Every time wipe a car, can open the suction fan, will accumulate in the negative pressure in the ram product take out clean. Article 2 must be in motion on the suction pipe must be in motion on the suction pipe is factors that affect the effect of yarn evenness is extremely important, in the case of negative pressure is normal, the article must be in the process of roller transfer to the negative pressure pipe and in the process of negative pressure pipe movement, the article must be based on more straight and furled state constantly moving. But affected by some factors must be of the motion state changes: such as article shall tremble, beating, shaking and uneven thickness. In actual production, because of the cradle pressure, electrostatic agglomeration, rubber roller surface, small suction tube negative pressure factors such as the article should be between roller and negative pressure pipe & other No control & throughout; About drop or askew phenomenon happened, will lead to yarn evenness are obvious influence. So gather spinning cradle pressure should be smaller, prevent electrostatic agglomeration, keep the roller, rubber roller surface finish, prevent wrapped sticky, keep the suction tube negative pressure is normal. As far as possible choose antistatic grid ring at the same time, choose the reasonable number of mesh grid. 3 workshop the influence of temperature and humidity in the spinning process of gathering, due to the effect of exhaust air absorption, workshop temperature in front and the rear will produce obvious uneven, the uneven can present a seasonal difference, and the winter temperature is about 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, the summer is about 3 ℃ ~ 6 ℃. Temperature and humidity is an important factor affecting hairiness, according to the measured, the rear of the amount of hairiness and neps is about 40% higher than car. So keep the workshop temperature and humidity in normal temperature, reduce the difference of temperature and humidity, is an important measure to improve the quality of products. 4 cradle pressure cradle pressure directly affects the quality of yarn and cradle pressure easy to shorten the service life of rubber roller before, will cause the rubber roller concave, also may be the cause of rubber roller mechanical wave. Rubber roller before normal use cycle is about 2 months, when the pressure is too large, use one and a half months will appear the phenomenon of lack of grip on roving, cause breakage increase rapidly. So gather spinning cradle shoulds not be too great pressure, general control in 160 N/double spindle ~ 180 N/double spindle is advisable. 5 spinning process on the quality of the yarn floating zone is a key factor that influences the quality of yarn. Floating zone size to do same size, moderate pressure rod position, can't appear before the pressure rod mill roller, long aprons. Will be shown after the pressure rod position on the floating area is too big, can not effectively control fiber, can appear even grind long aprons phenomenon; And pressure rod position too, can cause roving & other; Run up & throughout; Phenomenon, can't play to the role of the pressure bar should be, if the pressure rod milling front roller, also will cause the roller mechanical wave. In production, rubber roller forward is about 2 mm ~ 3 mm advisable, should not be more than 3 mm, if the first impulse is too big, is surrounded by easy to form the arc, cause the loss of yarn quality, can also cause a beheading. Gather spinning planktonic area is likely to cause excessive top roller ring rubber roller pin grid, in the article to the movement to guide stroke on both sides, must be a swinging on the suction slot, affect the quality of yarn. The reasonable distribution of draft is also an important factor to improve the yarn quality. When choosing a draft, can not blindly pursue good yarn evenness and nep, with increasing draft, yarn irregularity long clip will increase. When matching gather spinning process, the critical draft, may be appropriately increased area after the draft, appropriately increase the spindle speed, thereby increasing the yarn production, improve business efficiency. Agglomeration of yarn quality optimization is a complex project, the influencing factors on the quality of the yarn is also complicated. So, in the optimization of the overall consideration to the yarn quality, to achieve the best yarn quality.
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