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The effect of fancy yarn appearance in fashion

by:Chengyi     2021-06-27

Thread is an important element of fabrics, and the innovation of yarns has laid the foundation for the development of fabrics. In the current situation of diversified fashion fabrics and short popular time, fashions designed with structural fancy yarns have attracted people's attention. Fancy yarns cater to people with their unique yarn structure and colorful appearance. Pursue fashion, individuality, and novel dressing psychology.

Fancy yarn is a rookie in the textile industry. The unique appearance and rich expressive power of fancy yarn have always been favored by fashion designers, making the appearance of knitted fashion more colorful and colorful. The creative expression in the knitting fashion design can better show the unique charm of fancy yarn. Various types of fancy yarns can form a variety of styles of fancy yarn products according to their raw material composition, different yarn counts, appearance, feel, and other characteristics.

Designs that use the rugged and rich appearance of fancy yarns have been active in the autumn and winter fashion week of each season, and have been enduring for a long time.

Fancy yarns such as chenille, colored spinning yarn, loop yarn, big belly yarn, loose wool yarn, segment dyed yarn, and so on with rough and thick texture effects are autumn and winter knitting fashions, as shown in the figure, the long and short yarns are twisted. The style line presents a feather-like effect. The spring and summer fabrics are mostly delicate and thin fabrics, and fancy yarns, slub yarns, corrugated yarns, gold and silver yarns, etc. are mostly used.

Silver silk yarn produces a delicate and luxurious effect, while glitter yarn has a metallic luster and smooth texture. The use of rayon or filament and twisted into knots or loops can make the surface of the fabric have a glittering and gorgeous feeling. , More embodies the femininity and delicateness of women.

The fancy yarn is made of special dyeing methods such as the inter-color separation printing method, the split printing method, the splash dyeing method, the injection dyeing method, the differential dyeing method, the mixed color spinning method, and other special dyeing methods. Or yarns with color changes are called fancy yarns; fancy yarns with special structure and appearance are called comprehensive fancy yarns. The special structure of fancy yarn, the variety of types, and the high added value make the fancy yarn develop rapidly, thus solving the problems of single product variety, low technical content, and backward product features in my country's textile products.

It has been proved from the development of some small and medium-sized enterprises in coastal cities in my country that the development of fancy yarn products is one of the important ways to increase the variety of patterns and increase income and efficiency.

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