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the development and characteristics of domestic fancy yarn

by:Chengyi     2020-06-12
At present, the domestic fancy yarn market is active, the yarn variety is increasing, the product quality is improving continuously, and the production capacity is improving continuously.
In particular, exports of products and products have increased significantly.
A number of export enterprises specializing in yarn production have emerged in China.
The market is the lifeline of the enterprise. whether the production of the enterprise has vitality depends on the market.
The market not only creates good economic benefits for enterprises, promotes the improvement of technical level, but also drives the development of related industries.
At the same time, international influence has also been enhanced.
The raw materials are based on wool, acrylic, viscose, nylon/nylon, polyester silk and other raw materials, and the application of silk/spinning, cotton and hemp is added.
Raw material mixed spinning or spinning complement each other.
Such as gold foil, cashmere, bamboo fiber, soybean protein fiber and elastic fiber are widely used in the field of fancy yarn, which greatly enriches the content of the product.
At the same time, the function of the application of environmental protection materials is to expand the product field to a greater extent.
Although China\'s environmental protection function started late and the Flower line was still in the research and development stage, some enterprises and institutions jointly developed new functions of green products.
A variety of colors and a variety of styling combination, fit the natural trend of leisure and diverse personality needs of the times.
It not only enriches the appearance, but also expands the practicality and consumers of yarn, and better meets the needs of different consumers.
As an element of clothing design, they are the strain and development trend of clothing design.
Except for multiple
Material and variety
Color combination, the composite design of the product is also essential.
For example, the parallel yarn belly dance is used alternately in a circle, a lazy worm and a ripple.
Fancy stranding machine has developed to many
The functionality is obvious.
Why it can be more color, mainly due to the technological progress of this machine, the combination of multi-shaped composite fancy yarn.
Many of them are keeping up with the pulse of the market, constantly making technological innovations and achieving good results.
The progress of the industry requires the active and unremitting efforts of employees, and the mutual cooperation and struggle of the entire industry chain downstream.
It also requires It researchers to master novel new product development and corresponding performance, and develop weaving and finishing processes suitable for the process in new products.
We can only promote the progress of the industry from the technology.
Our company mainly produces and sells all kinds of fancy yarn, such as Woolen yarn, fancy yarn, Lily yarn, coarse yarn, slot yarn, ring yarn, rainbow yarn, knot yarn, widely used in machine weaving, manual weaving and knitting production in garment factories.
The supplier of raw materials is Shanghai Xincheng company. Sinopec etc.
At home and abroad, the textile industry enjoys a high reputation, the products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.
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