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The cotton issue where performance of different root - now Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
It is understood that although nearly two weeks national cotton reserves fell 400 - round out the daily average price 500 yuan/ton, bonded C/A and EMOT with 'double 28' XinJiangMian spot spreads have widened to 800 - 1200 yuan/ton, but xinjiang within 2016/17 XinJiangMian only symbolic fall 100 - quotation 150 yuan/ton. Several cotton processing enterprise in xinjiang, traders, mainland companies cotton inquiry since mid-may, trucks the point of delivery is 3128/3129, 2128/2129, The breaking strength of 26. 5 - 27. 5CN) Hand picked cotton, can match the beauty of high tenacity, no three silk cotton or Macao 40 s and above count cotton yarn cotton. By early June, at 2016/17 'double 28 / double/double 29 30' high-quality cotton has very few, need from multiple manufacturers, cotton business procurement, ginned cotton quality, grade, embossed quality difference is big, is not conducive to stable yarn quality. In addition level (3129/2129 Fracture than strong bottom less than 27. 5CN/tex) Price is less than 28 'double/double 29' - 300 400 yuan/ton, effectively reduce the raw material cost of textile enterprises. From the survey, by the end of may, around 85% in xinjiang lint cotton processing enterprise has a clearance, the focus of attention has shifted to 2017/18 seed cotton purchase, price and sales. Some cotton enterprises have begun to update, repair processing equipment ( New epithelial cleaning machine, three wire cleaning machine enterprise more) , due to the high labor costs and unstable, aksu, korla 'automatic feeding machine' gradually into the mainstream. Mr. Batra a large cotton processing plant ( Five production lines) Now, companies, traders of lint cotton quality request is higher and higher, cotton has been gradually thorough popular feeling. The current 'double 28' hand picked cotton with 3127/2127 grade ( The breaking strength is lower than 27 cn/Tex) The difference reached more than 1200 yuan/ton, so by the new equipment, new technology, strict management seed cotton purchase, processing link at the same time, can work out quality cotton. Some cotton mills said, at present in xinjiang to achieve 'double 28' and on the quality of cotton inventories have sparse, gradual withdrawal FangQi purchasing personnel, although mainland libraries have a certain amount of high quality negotiable nanjiang hand picked cotton, but more than 85% control in the hands of traders, phase synchronization performance deviation is not surprising that even now.
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