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The biggest increase in high cotton yarn price - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
China cotton network - specifically: since 2018, the textile industry situation is good. According to customs statistics, 1 - In June, China's textile yarn, fabrics and products export 3735. 900 million yuan, rose 2. 6%. Not only foreign sales market growth level, sale in domestic market is also in good situation. Since January 2018, the present stability of textile prices, although a bit recently, but still above the level of the starting point in January. Currently, C32S yarn price is controlled in 24150 yuan/ton, the year rose 1150 yuan/ton; JC40S yarn price 27250 yuan/tons, the year rose 800 yuan/ton; T/C45S yarn price 19730 yuan/tons, the year rose 350 yuan/ton; OE10S yarn price 14580 yuan/tons, the year rose 150 yuan/ton. Through the above price is not hard to see, pure cotton yarn and blended yarn, rotor spinning pure cotton yarn price rise is bigger, and did not follow the cotton prices slashed. Market analysis thinks, in 2018, textile situation positive, optimistic downstream demand, support the yarn prices; Although in six months, cotton prices showed a sharp callback, but with the yarn prices vary wildly, hundreds of dollars per ton cotton yarn price is going up again, this just shows the textile downstream demand. Demand is a main factor influence the rise and fall of the industry, the focus is still the increase tendency of sino-us trade dispute and uncertainty, has brought the textile export environment uncertainty, but due to the trade friction has lasted for months, enterprises will be more as a normalized, and limited impact. For the affected export-oriented enterprises, can consider to expand domestic demand, adjusting the raw material and product structure.
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