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by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
6, 23, 2017, in the cotton industry coordinating research in foshan, guangdong region, visited the local denim enterprise. A cowboy enterprise stable operation, operation in foshan area, have different levels of output growth, the profit was flat, expected sales year-on-year increase of 2017. 2, raw material and product structure in foshan cowboy enterprises mainly produce high end denim. From the point of material requirement, local enterprises cowboy yarn is not only diverse but also high quality. Cotton blended yarn is a local enterprise amount is larger, accounts for about 30% of the total amount of yarn; Second, in addition to conventional pure cotton yarn, some enterprises with high-quality XinJiangMian Macao yarn made of cotton denim even do raw material. From the point of yarn production, import yarn with domestic yarn is about 1:1 proportion. Third, to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, according to corporate requirements of environmental protection of guangdong area and severe year by year, the government has been shut down part of the backward production capacity, the existing cowboy increase obviously sewage checks strength. The government is also planned guide enterprises into the parks, to sewage concentrated treatment. Companies have said, environmental protection is the cowboy industry future development direction. Four, the investigation of the transformation and upgrading of the cowboy enterprises to the quality, efficiency, benefit as the lifeline of enterprise survival and development. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the main direction is to strengthen enterprise management, make the enterprise operation is controlled, to ensure product quality stability; 2 it is designed to enhance the level of equipment, improve production efficiency, increase the enterprise production; 3 it is to intensify research and development, shorten new product development cycle, to establish key laboratory, increase product added value.
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