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teacher looks to hook students on plastic yarn for homeless

by:Chengyi     2020-06-10
At public schools in Windsor, transform regular plastic bags into sleeping mats and pillows for homeless people
If Sophie boufa goes her way, Essex. VIDEO |
This week, teachers at Brooke\'s public school held her second \"plarn\" party for the homeless in Windsor.
She hopes to bring her plastic yarn technology to primary and high school students in the region.
Our goal is to create an assembly line for young people who can help each timeconsuming step.
\"There are a lot of schools and a lot of kids who want to give back to society, but they don\'t know how to give back to society,\" said bubpa . \".
\"It\'s a very good way to be in a place where everyone can participate and it doesn\'t limit anyone. \"What is Plarn?
It takes 400 to 600 plastic bags to make a cushion and pillow.
At the beginning, 20 plastic bags were stacked and squashed, then folded and cut into strips.
These are woven together and rolled into a \"plarn\" ball similar to the yarn.
Then you can knit the crochet.
The final product is the sleeping pad that helps keep the cold.
It also comes with a pillow and strap attached for easy carrying.
How much is the street-
Because there are a lot of cushions in the street rescue homeless center in Windsor, the group focuses on pillows.
They are hooked in the same way, filled with plastic bags fragments, so 100 of the plastic bags are used.
\"I know they\'re not big standard pillows, and we don\'t want them to be big pillows,\" said street help Administrator Christine Wilson . \"Furlonger.
\"If you sleep on a park bench, sometimes people lie on the ledge around our building, with only enough space for that little pillow.
\"It\'s a small gesture, but it\'s a big comfort and it will help a lot,\" she said.
Meeting the person behind the donation in the same room is a special feeling, which is not always possible.
\"Their talent is huge,\" Wilson said. Furlonger said.
Boufa plans to do short lunches and study classes at different schools and teach them all about plarn.
It\'s an \"easy and doable\" thing, Bupa says, and it will teach children and teenagers how to give back to people who may not have a warm bed to call themselves.
Anyone interested in donating luggage or volunteering can contact organizer Sophie boufa by email.
Cloth @ publicboard. ca.
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