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Resume work rate over seventy percent cotton textile enterprise workers arrive - rate differences Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
National cotton market monitoring system for monitoring station in anhui, is located in anhui province on February 19th SuSong county tianyu textile officially return to work, general manager of Solomon hochoy in WeChat friends circle exclamation: spare the a month starts at last! As anhui new crown pneumonia outbreak showed a trend of decline, anqing cotton textile enterprises gradually return to work these days, return to work and production of cotton textile factory gradually increased, currently has more than seventy percent. First to return to work and production is large and medium-sized FangQi, such as anhui huamao group, AnQingQing textile, etc. , they are the earliest to return to work in anhui province to allow time on February 10, began to return to work; While smaller textile mills according to the actual circumstance of GeChang apply to the local government department and after approval are ordered to return to work. By the end of 2 cotton textile enterprises in anhui province is expected to return to work and production in an all-round way. Although is to return to work, but because GeChang locates the geographical position is different, different size and different influence factors such as the source of workers, GeChang workers arrive rate differences. Some factory can full board, some factory to the duty rate of only 30%. Overall, large and medium-sized cotton textile factory is located in the city is more and larger scale, recruit workers in addition to the local, many from other places and even from other provinces, with the need of the epidemic prevention and control, the workers to the duty rate is low. And is located in the village of small textile mill scale is small, and with the workers is the surrounding farmers, so the workers to the duty rate is much higher. According to a large textile mill's boss, factory has 10 days to return to work, they return to work the first day of only local workers can arrive, a total of more than 140 people, equal to 1/3 years ago on-the-job worker, this two days better; And a small air spinning factory is located in the township head is introduced, the factory to return to work the first day in addition to the individual workshop technician failed to outside the factory, workers full board. Most learned, had to return to work and production of cotton textile factory orders to complete years ago is given priority to, years later, fewer orders; Give priority to with producing conventional yarn without orders. Inventory raw material base is years ago, but mostly has launched an online purchase, cotton small clinch a deal, transport recovered ginned cotton and cotton yarn.
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