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Regenerated cellulose fiber yarn standard review will be held - green design product groups Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
On January 14, organized by China textile industry association 'product green design evaluation specification regenerated cellulose fiber yarn,' peer review will be held in ningxia hui group standards. From spinning enterprises, inspection institutions and scientific research institutions of a number of reviewing experts to review criteria for review and approval. This standard by ningxia hengfeng textile co. , LTD. , shandong hengfeng innovation center co. , LTD. , Qingdao university, fujian new huayuan textile co. , LTD. , nantong double hong textile co. , LTD. , riverside textile group co. , LTD. Jointly drafted six units. Standard of the regenerated cellulose yarn spinning process of resource, energy consumption and environmental attribute has carried on the limits, and the drawing of the spinning process, spinning, winding three parts of electricity, water and other indicators are proposed. Standards to fill the domestic regenerated cellulose fiber grey yarn green product standards in the field of blank, will benefit the industry and brand construction of energy saving and emission reduction. In the future, China cotton textile industry association will focus on the development needs of the industry, organize superior enterprises to carry out the corresponding group standards, through group standard each work better promote industry development.
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