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recycle plastic shopping bags into \'yarn\'

by:Chengyi     2020-06-11
Recycling plastic shopping bags and plastic shopping bags is nothing new, but I like to recycle them without smelling the environment.
If you just return your bag to the local grocery store for recycling, they will melt your bag and make a new one.
This puts more pollution into the air.
I also found that the fusion of plastic bags and irons will emit toxic smoke into your home, which I think is no better.
So, the scissors came in.
The best bags are the very thin ones you get from places like grocery chains and Walmart.
Thick is harder to handle.
Lay a plastic bag, tuc in the side seam, put the bag flat.
It is not necessarily perfect.
Cut the bottom edge of the plastic bag with scissors.
Make sure your scissors are sharp because the dull scissors do not work well with plastic bags.
Fold the bag vertically as shown in the figure.
Now cut the folded bag into strips about 1 and 1/2 wide.
You don\'t have to be perfect at this point.
It\'s just a guideline, so there\'s no need to come up with that nasty little ruler. Keep it simple.
Expand one of the cutting strips.
You need to be careful here because they sometimes tear the seams of the Fusion.
Grab the second cutting strip and expand it.
Circle it with your thumb and index finger and hold the rest of it in your fist.
Put the ring in the right hand on the ring belt in the left hand. (
1st photos of this step. )
While keeping the right hand loop, grab the strap from the left hand and partially pull it in the right hand loop. (
There are 2nd and 3rd photos in this step. )
Continue to join the package loop before you run out of all the packages.
The resulting yarn is best used with hook and hook needles of K size (or larger).
Please see the picture in this step to see how I started to hook the doormat and then continue to add a strip at the end of \"ya\" to continue to hook.
These are photos of 124 shopping bags made from recycled shopping bags in the same store.
The pattern of this package can be in:
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