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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Textile, Indonesia has officially agreed to optimize local sourcing sustainable production of rayon, to promote the growth of the country's textile industry. Textile industry is a core pillar of the Indonesian economy. Recently, from the government of Indonesia, textile and fashion industry as well as the representative of the industry association, rayon signed a memorandum of understanding. India, head of the industry of chemical, textile, and miscellaneous industrial Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono said that the Indonesian government is committed to through the promotion of local products and attract investors to develop textile industry. Use Indonesia manufacturing rayon, can promote the textile exports and reduce dependence on imported highly play an important role, enable Indonesia to catch up with the pace of the fourth industrial revolution. Said Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono & other; We hope to promote the use of local produce textiles, rayon and polyester fiber, for example, in order to reduce our dependence on imported products. ” Textile export growth over the past three years, Indonesia, exports from 2016 in 118. Rose $700 million to $2017 in 125. $900 million, growth in 2018 to 132. 700 million dollars. Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono说:“ Most of the export product is clothing, accounts for 63. 1%. Exports are expected to reach $15 billion this year. If we don't increase the national product, this will be difficult to achieve it. ” Increased use of viscose rayon silk or rayon in the manufacturing industry, is expected to increase production of textile industry, because it can be used as a substitute for polyester and cotton. Local production of polyester and cotton still cannot meet the needs of Indonesia national textile and apparel industry. Relevant personage says, India, polyester fiber production is not developed enough, and the import of cotton fabrics is still close to 100%. Alternative materials industry cooperation with the Indonesian bank Indonesia, encourage Banks to support the local textile producers. Indonesia domestic mass-produced rayon is expected to help its textile industry to play a bigger role in the global market. The asia-pacific association for rayon Basrie Kamba said: & other; Rayon can become a substitute material. Rayon is a kind of price is competitive and widely available environmental protection material. ” Starting last December production, at present has produced 120000 tons of rayon fibers. Nearly half of the products are sold to the local market, and the rest in 14 countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Germany and Italy. If Indonesia local enterprises can effectively use domestic rayon, the textiles will become the symbol of the Indonesian garment industry, and expand the global market share of the textile industry of Indonesia. The Indonesian textile association ( API) Chairman Ade Sudrajat said, in order to achieve this goal, from upstream to downstream all participants should be committed to research and development of sustainable production of rayon. Indonesia national textile industry is facing a huge trade deficit with China, export 500000 tons of clothing import 900000 tons, so relevant personage is urging the Indonesian government policy strategy, in order to protect the industry. The solution including the increased use of local materials and import less. Indonesia's textile industry has experienced the peak in the 1980 s, with its good performance and healthy growth of more than Vietnam and other neighboring countries.
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