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New Deal or prompted Pakistan cotton cotton production and marketing to a new level Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Pakistan cotton ginning mill association called on the government, according to electric through five-year cotton policy as soon as possible, through the way of crop insurance and cotton subsidies, to increase the cotton production to 22 million packages ( 3. 74 million tons) And export increase to 3 million packages ( 510000 tons) 。 Pakistan cotton ginning mill association, points out that the Pakistani cotton yields remain at around 13 million packages ( 2. 21 million tons) Exports, 1 million packages ( 170000 tons) 。 Government has yet to provide good cotton, cotton farmers to increase production, cotton area need to increase to 4. 2 million hectares, more than 1 million hectares at current levels. While Pakistan is the world's fourth largest cotton producer, but cotton impurity rate is the world's second high, so the cotton price is low, the new cotton policy need to make improvement in this area. The association, said the new policy needs to provide cotton industry research and development, expansion and special funds for the construction of infrastructure. If the market management is proper, the future of Pakistan is expected to increase to 500000 tons of cotton exports. At the same time, the Pakistani government to weaken the role of middlemen, first ensure that the direct link between farmers and buyers, government, set up cotton trading company, as the center of the cotton sales. Punjab and sindh provinces need to set up has been recorded in cotton processing research center and training institute.
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