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New Australian textile 'made in zhejiang' fill the blank of the country and industry standards - group standards Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Yesterday, the reporter understands from city pledges inspect bureau, by zhejiang new Australian textile co. , LTD. , drafting of the superfine merino and plain blue worsted knitting wool 'made in zhejiang' group standards, has passed the 'made in zhejiang' brand construction association for the advancement of expert evaluation of the organization. Smoothly through the audit, which is a standard to fill the gaps in national standards and industry standards. It is understood that this standard covers the material selection, technical requirements, performance index, test methods and quality commitment, etc, in which the line density deviation, coefficient of linear density variation, such as colour fastness and appearance quality index is better than that of national and industry standards. At the same time the standard is put forward for the first time also the raw material index, whiteness, yarn breakage when thousand pounds, yarn evenness CV irregularity variation coefficient. So far, the city a total of 4 companies in four 'made in zhejiang' group standards through the review, three standard published 'made in zhejiang' groups to practice; Two companies three products through certification certification certificate.
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