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National cotton reserves to inventory - significant effect has been made Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Recently, the national cotton market monitoring system, issued the national cotton reserves to the inventory of cotton industry impact assessment 'report. Since 2016, the report said China may start the national cotton reserves to inventory work made great achievements over the past two years, the national cotton reserves scale has been reaching a reasonable level, domestic cotton prices stable operation, poor cotton, inside and outside the domestic textile enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness, efficiency, for the transformation and upgrading of domestic textile enterprises win the precious time and space. According to the report, national cotton reserves to inventory work is industrial policies in macroeconomic regulation and control theory and mechanism innovation of effective practice. The national cotton reserves to inventory policy formulation process, the relevant state departments carry out let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better for the government to play a role of spirit, thinking, positive change macro-control efforts to follow the rules of the market, the stock mechanism, market to set up big breakthrough and innovation. A is the first time take the wheel base price forming mechanism of domestic and international market linkage; The second is clear asymmetry rotation mechanism; Three is to establish a normalized round out the decision-making mechanism, stabilize the market expectations. Policy ideas and mechanism innovation for national cotton reserves to inventory laid the decisive role to get a series of results. Countries national cotton reserves to work is to implement the central inventory on the supply side structural reform strategy and implementation of the cotton market macroeconomic regulation and control of the important measures. China fiber inspection bureau and China national cotton reserves management corporation as a policy enforcement, always with high political sense of mission and sense of responsibility, political, the interests, overcome time and heavy task, the public prosecutor and outbound work, involving 12 KuMian many difficulties, such as constantly overcome difficult, safeguard the national cotton reserves to inventory work smoothly. According to the report, with the further advance of national cotton reserves to inventory, effectively made up for the domestic cotton countless gap, ensure the textile supply cotton. According to statistics, in 2016 national cotton reserves outbound volume of 2. 65 million tons, accounting for 35% dosage of domestic cotton, 2017 national cotton reserves outbound volume of 3. 22 million tons, 41% dosage of domestic cotton. Go to poor inventory to reduce cotton prices at home and abroad, by the inventory before more than 2000 yuan/ton minimum to around 600 yuan/ton, significantly improve enterprise benefit, for our country textile enterprises technical innovation and transformation and upgrading to win precious time and space.
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