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Linqing city gold Hao Zhuang: stick to strive for greater development of textile industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
In the afternoon of October 31, one association vice-chairman Zheng Jiewen cotton lines to gold Hao Zhuang research, in gold Hao Zhuang town party secretary Du Dong peace party committee GuZhiGuo, visited the local cotton textile enterprise, enterprise development present situation and the management. Gold Hao Zhuang town is linqing textile town, with around 1 million spindle spinning scale, as 'the hometown of China cotton textile', insists on cotton textile industry, as one of the focus on the development of local industry, over the years continue to grow stronger. According to visit companies reflect, poor overall situation this year, the weak downstream demand, the operating condition not as good as last year, after August market rebound slightly, but still more unstable factors. Companies adhere to the production, stable staff, hold through the difficult period. Yarn varieties on 40 - visiting enterprises 80 cigarettes, use XinJiangMian and Australian wool is given priority to, to stabilize the product quality, the maintenance enterprise credibility, in the case of cotton, yarn prices this year, the enterprise rising investment of a high degree of automation of production equipment, hire experts and talents, adhere to in order to improve the product quality as the first priority, at the price of sacrificing part of profits, based on the long-term development. According to the enterprise, in recent years, the city of linqing and gold Hao Zhuang township government to give a lot of guidance and support to the development of local enterprises. At the same time, the cotton textile entrepreneurs also said it would continue to stick to the textile industry, for local economic development and residents to live and work in peace and contentment to make more contribution.
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