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Jute spinning association council: to promote balanced development of the jute spinning industry segment - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Seven-time six times China linen textile industry association council recently held in Shanghai. China linen textile industry association Dong Chunxing with 'pain and pleasure' summarizes the running state of the linen textile industry in 2018. He noted that since the second half of 2017, as flax raw material prices continue to rise, spinning weaving parts of the industry is also facing rising cost of raw materials, procurement harder pressure, but the downstream market active also brought unprecedented vitality for linen textile industry, industry generally got rid of a few years ago the downturn in the running state. 'Tow import growth rapidly, the growth rate of 43%, flax yarn exports relatively stable, flax fabric exports year-on-year growth. Throughout 2018 market, market structural changes offset to the pressure caused by the Indian anti-dumping, main show is the yarn exports substantial increase, the domestic export region transfer, fabric market explosive growth. 'Dong Chunxing said. During the meeting, the delegates the situation facing the linen textile industry development in 2019 are analyzed: the shortage of flax raw material and price increases, the tremendous problems will continue to the enterprise. But as in recent years, consumers in the purchase desire of linen textile products have increased, rapidly expanding domestic consumption market, flax product export also was bigger, therefore flax raw material demand in 2019 and 2018, the same, because the raw material condition does not have a large change, flax yarn, cloth prices will remain high, but relatively smooth linen price trend compared with 2018, does not have sharp fluctuations. Looked from the development of hemp industry in 2018, the international open industrial and medical marijuana planting marijuana in succession, the international and domestic attention of hemp products to an all-time high. The rapid development of domestic industry marijuana planting area, has now become one of the largest planting area of hemp varieties. China hemp textile products processing is in the leading position in the international, the rapid development of industrial hemp industry, also can to a certain extent, reduce the dependence on imports of flax material transition. Close with the increase of the industrial hemp propaganda, a group of power enterprises in the field of continuously added to the development of hemp products, bring new breakthrough to the development of industrial hemp, inject new vitality for linen textile industry. At present, the biggest problem is the small size of the market, product is less, is of great importance to strengthen publicity and promotion of the domestic market. Ramie high raw material prices, spurred MaNong ZhongMa's enthusiasm, ramie material will have a certain degree of ease, but ramie market development has yet to be strengthened. The current stock of jute enterprise is not much, is also affected by raw material, which limits the development of the jute industry, jute industry in 2019 will be essential to maintain the status quo. Dong Chunxing said: 'in 2019, to stable operation of the existing situation to avoid the yarn, cloth price big ups and downs, at the same time, should now with the help of industrial hemp's attention from all walks of life good momentum, hemp fiber application in textile industry, making great efforts to reduce over-reliance on on flax raw material, through to the downstream market promote terminal in consumption in the industry of flax, hemp, ramie, and many other industries balanced development goals. Recognition of the 40 years of reform and opening-up 'meeting contribute to linen textile industry entrepreneurs, science and technology education workers, cultural inheritance, workers. Yanshou county after fine linen textile co. , LTD. , chairman of 闫俊毅, shun chang flax textile co. , LTD. , chairman of ai-min wei, Jiang Xien of hemp century, chairman of the high new sea, China rise Liu Zhengliu group chairman zheng for 40 years of reform and opening-up 'China linen textile industry luminaries' honorary title. Meeting also read out in the industrial hemp industry consistent action initiative, initiative, the industry is to promote stable and healthy industrial hemp industry sustainable development work together act in concert.
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