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Jiangsu yancheng: - adjust to buy cotton yarn product structure change Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Learned, cotton growing happily yancheng area, the recent high temperature and less rain and sunshine time is enough, good for the growth of cotton. But into the end of June and obvious precipitation, prophase drought eased, still want according to the cotton fields to strengthen the management of soil moisture, training in time to play, push strains and ridge. Due to the early stage of the cotton futures market rally, like the rainbow with spot and national cotton reserves price go up. In early June, the national policy of traders restrict photographs, and the bad news release increased cotton import quotas, zheng cotton immediately to fall, the spot market tend to be more rational, with inflation situation under control. Combined with the traditional slack after June FangQi coming, then FangQi for calm. With textile industry off-season arrival, yarn product structure change in succession, the enterprise to reduce product inventory production, in turn from coarse yarn production to fine yarn is given priority to, raw material inventory also have corresponding change, gradually increase the quality cotton XinJiangMian and inventory, reduce ChanMian inventory. Textile off-season now entering July, we have learned, this year's off-season market performance is more outstanding than normal, orders come, go too fast, that light is light down all of a sudden. Now, this year is the toughest year, cotton prices have loose may, 500 - for a large amount of high quality customers Fell 800 yuan/ton, but the price of the cloth for environmental protection pressure does not drop the rise, and. ltd products low inventory cause. ltd orders when the bargaining power to ascend. ( Yancheng national cotton market monitoring system office)
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