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Jiangsu manufacturing experiences: China textile industry one hundred 'after' - 'old' Textile information - Textile net - Textile heald

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
The early winter season, is located in jiangsu nantong tang brake site of ancient town of raw cotton silently to greet visitors, tell us about the China's textile industry began to boom. Here is the earliest Chinese cotton textile enterprises, and has become a national key cultural relics protection units. After 121 years of development, inherited the 'blood' of raw cotton in jiangsu sheng group, is still the national textile industry 'vanguard enterprise'. 10, the reporter walks into one hundred, feel this is China's national industry 'live specimens' pentium vitality, explore China's textile industry in one hundred 'old' after the path. In 1895, the founder of the modern industrialist, China textile industry zhang founded in nantong of raw cotton, from now on a one manual mill spinning weaving gradually replaced by modern industrial machinery production. According to the record, that time, large dock 'traffic, the boat as a cloud'. Now, big raw cotton mill site is listed as one of China's modern industrial heritage conservation, retained the history of architecture, basic facilities is still maintained the original appearance and structure. Factory original business hall bi is 'big' the history of a factory showroom. According to the narrator, after the founding of new China, here was renamed the first YiMian state-run nantong textile. As a key leading enterprise of jiangsu province, it is the local economy and created a huge wealth of the country, in China's textile industrial history left a glorious memories. 'After three centuries, through 121 years of development, have also had a low. 'Big group general manager xiao-hui ma said, relying on technological innovation, has been one of the leading enterprises in the national textile industry. The sixties and seventies of the last century, large gave birth to many technical approach for the entire old plant transformation provides a successful experience of the textile industry. In 1995 gave birth to a group of companies, to become diversified ownership, large scale benefit, high xinhua technology, industry and trade integration of modern enterprise group, achieved by traditional textile to the modern new leap. According to the current industry 50 people per million ingot labor levels, 50000 spindle loom should be 250 harrower, however, the reporter in a big group, 50000 ingot whole flow of domestic digital textile workshop only to see, there is only less than 100 harrower. In the domestic digital of intelligent and higher degree of automation of the whole flow of the spinning workshop, 50000 spindle loom lined up, clean in the workshop, such as hotels, machine sound is ringing, but does not affect people talk exchanges, harrower is no longer in the textile machinery shuttling back and forth but sit electric patrol textile machinery. Xiao-hui ma said that this digital spinning workshop ingot labor less than 20 people, far below the industry average of 50 people, promote the production efficiency, digital, scientific process, the product, the first of its kind makes big group gradually achieve by the textile manufacturing to textile made of 'think tank', thus once again grab the new heights in the same industry. As an enterprise of one hundred big life is how to keep a heart of pentium? Confusion of the external world, big, head of the group have the answer to this: innovation is the inexhaustible power big born yong the best source of enterprises as the main body, market oriented, the combination of technology innovation system, greatly improved the big student's innovation ability and core competitiveness. In the early 1990 s, big are set up r&d center, built in 2007, the provincial technical center, also with the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2009 Yao Mu and formed a team composed of nearly 100 technical personnel 'enterprise of jiangsu province academician workstation'. Talent advantage has produced large raw product advantages, large raw 'high density pure cotton cloth' and 'pure cotton combed yarn' as 'Chinese famous brand' title, 'fine' brand of cellulose fiber yarn are classified as 'jiangsu province key cultivation and development of the international famous brand'. As a business, big have 9 patents of invention and 21 national authorized patents of utility model. Big survival has been rated as 'high-quality goods of China cellulose fiber textile base' and 'national torch plan key high-tech enterprise'. When it comes to the next 'big' in one hundred, big group chairman Shen Jianhong said, big bearing Mr Zhang blood spirit, are made in China in 2025, account for a third of the textile big should act more and big view only, for those routes, advancing with The Times, and constantly develop, in the inheritance and development on the road to don't stop, go on, in the fierce market competition seek greater development. ( the
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