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Hunan huarong textile industrial park: innovation of fire to about - 'spring' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On February 7, although the holiday festival has not been dispersed, but huarong textile industrial park has been busy. 'Usually took is the fifteenth day of the first to start, but our people's full production this year. 'Hunan kechuang textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Lu Siqing a face of excitement,' since the technical improvement on the high-end denim yarn, the company products in short supply, now order production line at the end of march. 'In hunan branch jia textiles co. , LTD. , in the face of each incoming rob cargo, the chairman of the board of directors Cai Xianbiao face' helpless ':' the combing on the new compact siro spinning production line 7 days before it stopped during the Spring Festival, the customer can't wait to goods! 'The reporter saw, the company the door to' grab 'of the vehicle in the queues. Huarong county to build 'China textile city' as the county one of the three main brand to grasp, formed by the county party committee secretary Liu Tiejian special leading group, ten billion yuan is committed to building industry. In recent two years, the county to guide enterprises to blow the courage to carry on the transformation and upgrading of bone healing and innovation and development, has invested 1 billion yuan, 28 on the new technological upgrading projects, all the introduction of international and domestic leading technology. New technology of textile enterprises 'grafting', make the product before weak market conditions change rapidly, industrial park in 'bloom'. In new technological upgrading projects on the newly added output value 3 billion yuan, annual output value reached 6. 5 billion yuan. Is studied in the New Year first day, huarong county leadership to speed up the textile industrial park development issues, 'technological innovation' is listed as 'the first essence,' target 'break through the output value of 8 billion yuan. Then, will 'win', 'ke jia' expanding land, 230 mu of task arrangement, the expansion of other textile enterprise innovation land, 100 mu of task as 'homework' to related departments. County, textile enterprises rubbing their hands. Hunan Ming sheng textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Zhang Shanqing set off to Shanghai to negotiate the business, he told reporters on the phone, he is ready to 40 million yuan, on the new non-woven production line.
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