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Hubei ZhiJiang planting intentions weak land centralization - obviously Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
According to hubei silver cotton industry information center, as the weather is warmer, spring is coming. Cotton farmers and hubei ZhiJiang region after the communication, found that 2018 local farmers planting intentions as weak overall, but most says it will not completely abandon the kind of cotton. Seven stars LouShiFu planted last year 9 acres of cotton, has decided to reduce half this year, planting vegetables, crops such as cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and cowpea. LouShiFu, said local vegetable sales channels, basic don't want to sell, short cultivation period, more flexible. Know the cotton farmers. Reduce the majority cotton cultivation, said individual large planting intentions of increase. Half of total arable land area of 80 mu, in the generation of master last year cotton, this year increased to more than 200 mu of cultivated land area, still leave half of cotton. Generation master is introduced, and these are the rent, the rent is 300 - 400 yuan/mu, the contract signed for five years. Flat ZhiJiang thyme state region, soil climate suitable for cotton. Know, from the last two years as the population ages, local land centralization is becoming more and more strong, planting large centralized land to grow vegetables, fruit, cotton and other crops, production pattern may be a new change.
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