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How soon will the cotton ginning mill targeted focus begin business? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
At the end of September, most of the Yellow River basin type 400 cotton ginning mill has yet to begin business, big super sell seed cotton picking schedule progress, part of the cotton farmers began to be impatient. It is worried that this year is still a 'difficult to sell cotton'; 2 it is to worry about good cotton is difficult to sell price. The type 400 cotton ginning mill how think? 29, dongying, shandong province, a model 400 cotton ginning mill head, said: 'the shandong region of the cotton market, mainly concentrated in the middle of October to the end of December, when is the best to buy time. Thus shortening the front, which is beneficial to save money and reduce consumption, reduce risk, the appropriate front short shoulds not be long. 'Hebei wuqiao a type 400 cotton ginning mill head, said:' this year's strategy is to follow the crowd, hard, don't rob, not slack, not blind. 'Due to the indication of seed cotton market judgment is unknown, most companies keep silent attitude. Hengshui a type 400 cotton ginning mill head, said: 'in the past two years, with several large-scale FangQi cooperation, the cooperation of the order accounted for over 70% of the total production, basically solved the trouble back at home, working with company to get the order, even into the' safety case '. 'In recent years, XinJiangMian in the mainland market share increase, many specializing XinJiangMian business enterprise has to earn the money. It is reported that many companies have cooperation intention with xinjiang enterprise, ready to begin business ChanMian in processing at the same time, after also XinJiangMian business. To sum up, the cotton ginning mill has each have clear tasks and goals, are already find the path of progress, cotton ginning mill will be in action after the National Day, seed cotton purchase more wonderful drama, let's wait and see.
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