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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Recently, the rest yarn rise rapidly, and with the Spring Festival approaching, gradually into the holiday mode of the cotton mill. Most companies plan on January 15 20, will start around the 10th day of the holiday. Therefore, yarn around a temporary & other; Has a price without throughout the city &; State. So, yarn will be how to run after the Spring Festival? With this problem, the author calls for shandong, henan and jiangsu part factory, understand the market yarn generally optimistic about the future, but does not rule out some enterprises concerns. Reason: the upstream raw materials, hot. Since January 2020, the upstream cotton continue to rise, the market main body are very strong in faith. Zheng cotton now rising. Since December 26, 2019 after zheng cotton pull up the curtain, it launches, open the floodgates. Last year, according to on December 26, zheng cotton main CF2005 contract closed at 13415 yuan/ton; As of January 13, main CF2005 contract closed at 14430 yuan/ton, just ten days zheng cotton rose 1000 yuan/ton. Zheng cotton cotton rose to upsurge. XinJiangMian basis quotation and price rose sharply. As of January 13, southern xinjiang library point & other; Double 29 & throughout; Hand picked cotton price 14000 yuan/ton a line ( Heavy, pick up the goods, to bring my ticket) , highest gross weight delivery price is controlled in 14400 yuan/ton, up to 600 - compared to the beginning of this month 800 yuan/ton. According to the market, influenced by the us-china trade outlook, recent cotton is likely to still be & other; Everything inside and outside & throughout; , bring to yarn support costs. Second, the downstream has & other; Cool & throughout; 吗? According to hebei golds market feedback, into this week, the vast majority of local printing and dyeing, fabric factory have the holiday shutdown, grey cloth, towels and other products sales decrease of at least five. According to the relevant market feedback, textile city 10 - most mill in January 15 into the holiday, will be held after the Spring Festival starts during the month to 15. This period of time, GeChang no longer production. Unfinished orders will also be working after the Spring Festival, but according to the manufacturer, years old this period is tight, but the new single is given priority to with small single, single. Many mill said, according to the present market situation, the enterprise after 2, capacity utilization is still in March, to boost or raw material is very limited. Recently, grey cloth around the market to maintain stable. By the 13th, a factory in jiangsu C40S * C40S + 40 d 110 * 68 78 & quot; The poplin bleaching billet tax 7 factory. 1 yuan/m, maintain stable. Three, years yarn increases or will be limited. What is the yarn after rise of limiting factors, the author analysis: first, if the downstream cloth new orders without obvious improvement, yarn rise only & other; Shaky & throughout; , people pull up, many will fall down. Second, more clear raw material rises the decisive factor is what? The author thinks that, since December last year, zheng cotton rose very odd, seems to be the overnight rise. Although there is a sino-us trade to a good background, but in the phases of sino-us trade, twists, seems to be enough to be cotton prices soared. Many market analysts are likely to fund speculation, zheng cotton rose first, and then pull the XinJiangMian basis quotation, price rise, and then move the whole market. In conclusion, for the Spring Festival after the market we are still cautious, blindly chase after go up or gambling city is highly desirable, beware of shooting themselves in the foot.
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