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Henan: yarn market appeared - 'Matthew effect' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
The current henan textile industry into the traditional sales season, all kinds of cotton yarn sales momentum, not only the order, and keep low inventory. Under the excellent situation, some FangQi to start production, plans to expand the scale of production, and even some FangQi faces more and more big production pressure, let a person can't help exclamation Matthew effect further. Last week, China's cotton net reporter a line of research in henan textile agglomeration district, visited the small business scale in 1 - 30000 ingot, the turnover period of raw material keep in more than a month, maintain full boot production status. In the production peak season, only allows businesses to have a headache is cotton yarn thin margins. Companies such as yarn products are general comb - 24 32 s, domestic competition pressure, as soon as the price is not appropriate, downstream weaving enterprises can change the raw material customer at any time. Comb, 32 s, for example, basic price is controlled in 23200 yuan/ton, remove the cotton production cost raw materials and artificial, electricity, etc, corporate profits were limited. Respondents said: 'if all aspects of cost control is good, also can make a scraps from the money. 'In the process of the research, said FangQi cotton yarn are sold to old customers, new customers is difficult. Starting from April 1, downstream weaving mill purchasing cotton per tonne by 200 yuan/ton, in the face of such amplitude adjustment, while enterprise pressure is bigger, also can accept, otherwise there is risk of customer churn. If the late cotton prices continue to remain low, once broke the break-even point, enterprise can choose to suspend production. China cotton net reporter discovery, henan large textile enterprises production strength, relying on excellent product quality, not only cotton all cash settlement, and orders have two to three months. Due to the production of cotton yarn are much higher than the indicators of customer demand, it is difficult to replaced by other manufacturers, therefore have strong competitiveness. In addition, henan textile had pure cotton yarn is given priority to, but this time visit found that many powerful companies also began to produce blended products, differentiation will become the focus of its future development. In the cotton market increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, rely on the original production mode of the cost to be being washed out gradually, the quality will be the emphasis of enterprises can establish. Local businesses polarization pattern will continue.
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