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Hebei shangdong and henan province: cotton enterprises dare not blind production - a sharp fall in the market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
At present, the spread of hebei shangdong and henan province area yarn market still is full of pessimistic, no positive momentum, the surface is unusually quiet, actual lurks a helpless agitation. Gradually into the off-season, early from cotton to yarn as well as the downstream cloth, fabric, interlocking, all the tension, feel the invisible pressure. Cotton yarn market in the region continue to flagging momentum, sales continue to lower. Some factory in shandong, so far this month is equivalent to half of the last month at the same time period, the sales of cotton yarn inventory has kept by last month after 20 days, 28 days of development to the present inventory, dare not to blind production, manufacturing-according-to-sale situation, the machine of founding rate decreased, and the price has slightly lower. Nearly a period of time, cotton prices, or polyester staple fiber and viscose staple fiber prices are down, FangQi face inventory yarn cost increase, the purchase of pressure. Downstream in the overall climate orders also dare not easily, maybe not earn returns at a loss, so there are a lot of small businesses shut down.
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