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Hebei cotton ginning mill to begin business seed cotton prices rose - again Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Recently, hebei region on a clear day and sufficient sunlight, high temperature of the cotton boll opening, picking the overall benefit, picked cotton farmers to speed up the progress, put in the home of cotton increased, some farmers to sales. 27, according to hengshui a cotton, now harvest seed cotton more than 1200 catties, and have picked cotton all is picking, drying, storage and quality. A better quality of the cotton said: 'seed cotton hope to sell to 3. 7 yuan/catty about ( The length of the 28. 5 - 29 mm, horse value B2) Quality is a bit poor, seed cotton, also hope to be able to sell to 3. 5 - 3. The price of 6 yuan/kg. 'At the same time, xingtai, cangzhou, handan, seed cotton picking schedule also by more than 30%, early sowing cotton has picked nearly half, whether in the fields, or in villages is a picture of the autumn harvest. On the same day, xingtai a package to cotton farmers, local seed cotton this year has three characteristics: one is high yield, his few acres of cotton is expected to yield in 560 - 570 jin/mu, from last year's 10-550 jin/mu 20 kg/mu; Second, good quality, is expected to level 3128 cotton accounted for about 85%, about 60% from last year's is more higher; 3 it is the high cost, cost of cotton this year than last year increased by about 10%. Recently, seed cotton listed progress is accelerated, hebei cotton cotton ginning mill begin business suddenly increased. In hebei cangzhou, for example, by the 27, 400 cotton ginning mill begin business number to exceed 10, 200 cotton ginning mill also exceeds 20, and purchase enthusiasm is higher. According to cangzhou a type 400 cotton ginning mill controller introduces, the plant seed cotton purchase price in 3. 5 - 3. 65 yuan/jin, Lint 39%, moisture regain 12%) Compared to last Friday rose 0. 1 yuan/kg, the enterprise acquisition of seed cotton, 3 - 40000 catties. The director said: 'this is FuTao listed during the cotton quality best, it is the best time to begin business. 'It is understood that the price increases, there are two main reasons: one is the early stage of the xinjiang cotton price increase. It is understood that the current xinjiang cotton price 16500 yuan/ton, and need to cotton ginning mill order ahead of time, the status quo of XinJiangMian also has confidence in the cotton mills on the mainland. The second is the new cotton seed prices stabilised. Since this week, the new situation about 'fall' end of the cotton seed, start with 1. 06 - 1. 1 yuan/kg price stabilization, the number of purchasing new cottonseed oil, also brings to the cotton mills. This year, some market analysts, begin business in hebei province 400 cotton ginning mill or will not be lower than 200, the situation of market 'openings' or will continue, and the recent FangQi inventory to upsurge, 10 - is expected In November, will be a market for important node of seed cotton, seed cotton prices can rise to 4. 0 yuan/jins? China cotton net will continue to track.
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