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For noil rate caused by different yarn quality change - data analysis and thinking Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
Cotton spinning mill cotton layer, there are so many ways to control and improve quality, adjust the carding of scutcher leave rate and comber noil rate is also one of the ways that improve the quality of cotton yarn, however, carding process fall rate and comber noil rate of increase will make spinning production costs increase. In the actual production to avoid this kind of increase production costs in order to quality measures, and adjust the raw materials mixed control standard should adopt more, comb combing equipment, process control standards and meet the article combed sliver, combing the harmfulness of fiber, defect control needs. A, adjust rate of litter improvement combed sliver quality to ensure the pure flower of carding and work procedure to provide qualified for combed cotton, cotton, cotton layer increased scutching process harmfulness for the removal of the defect, fiber, can also improve the quality of combed sliver, to a certain extent, but the effect is unable to meet the needs of combed sliver quality, so the mill in scutching process increase rate of falling objects to improve the quality of the way must be considered. Adjustment, improve the quality of combed sliver by combing noil rate between the machine error, in combing noil rate under the same conditions, combed sliver quality differences, according to the article combed the quality in the same conditions of quality difference of different combing machine modification, maintenance, is the key to reduce the differences between the combing machine is used, is an important link in reducing yarn quality fluctuation, can effectively prevent damage of comb combing machine equipment damage, improve the efficiency of comb combing and carding quality. Combing machine is to reduce the biggest advantage of combed sliver and harmfulness of short-staple fibers, according to the article combed the quality control need reasonable combing noil rate, is one of the important factors of stable yarn quality. To test and verify the accuracy of combing machine test results, the error between comparative combing machines, successively for the same type, same conditions two comber were combing noil adjustment test, combing noil rate is adjusted from 21% to 27% respectively. Test data show that the article combed cotton knot to reduce length, weight increase, immature fiber, and the rate of short-staple and cotton yarn physical indicators, such as improved. Three and conclusion carding scutcher fall rate and the comber noil rate increases, is one of the ways to improve the quality, but the way of the kill the end result is not worth the cost, in the process of combed cotton yarn quality improvement, the stable quality of raw materials, improvement of equipment and spinning equipment status, improve the production and equipment management, improve the spinning process is spinning mill to reduce the cost of the effective measures to improve the quality.
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