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File upgrade! Ruan town of Zhuji promotes the green revolution of the textile industry like this

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
A few days ago, in Zhejiang Jianke Textile Co., Ltd., textile worker Wang Ying was busy disassembling the yarn balls on the old 211 winder in the workshop. As the first batch of textile workers in the company, she came to Zhuji from her hometown of Anhui in 2007. 'I just took away the cotton yarn. This is my last shift. The old machine is about to be replaced with a new imported machine.' Wang Ying told reporters, although she was a little bit dissatisfied in her heart, the better the factory became, the better it would be to change to high-end machines. , I am very happy.  Jianke Textile is an enterprise engaged in the production of knitting textiles and raw materials in Ruanshi Town. This year, it has been upgraded and upgraded. It invested 30 million yuan to introduce 15 new intelligent automatic winders from Italy to replace the original 45 old-fashioned equipment. Currently, 9 production lines have been put into production. 'This is a leap from our traditional textile industry to intelligence.' Fu Xiangquan, a senior engineer in charge of the company's production technology, said that the production efficiency of the intelligent automatic winder is twice that of the old machine, and the energy consumption is less than half. The quality has been greatly improved and it is flawless. Advanced technologies such as intelligent electronic yarn clearer, intelligent flexible knotting circulation system, intelligent spindle rapid distribution system and rotary separation system have not only changed the labor-intensive status of the textile industry, but also have energy-saving and recyclable characteristics that reduce noise , Water saving, reducing electromagnetic emissions and other aspects have achieved remarkable results. According to reports, after all 15 intelligent automatic production lines are put into operation, the company can save 15.6 million yuan in labor costs each year. Song Junxia, u200bu200bdirector of the production plant, told reporters that through technological transformation, not only can production costs be reduced, efficiency can be improved, but also the competitiveness of products in the international market can be further enhanced, and intelligent and efficient development can be truly realized.  In Ruan City Knitting Textile Park, the construction project of Xinfeng Textile Factory is stepping up its construction recently, and all the international advanced intelligent automatic equipment will be adopted to take the road of green and efficient development. The project occupies an area of u200bu200b100 acres and has a total investment of 550 million yuan. At present, the office building and workshop have been basically completed and it is expected to be put into production by the end of the year. According to Zheng Hongxing, the person in charge of the enterprise, the company's cost and expenditure will be greatly reduced after it is put into production.  The efficient development of the industry is inseparable from the transformation and upgrading of each enterprise. As one of the three traditional advantages of the local industry, Ruan City Textile has always been in the situation of small enterprises, backward production equipment, and low added value of products, which seriously restricts the further development of the industry. It is necessary to take the path of ecological, environmental protection and sustainable development. Must do. Ruanshi Town takes 'technological intelligence and green' as the core, and promotes the green revolution of the local textile industry with the help of intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industry, and achieves high-quality development after the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. He Zhuo, deputy mayor of Ruanshi Town, said that the next step will be to actively carry out the transformation and upgrading of the traditional textile industry, guide enterprises to green production, encourage enterprises in the jurisdiction to carry out intelligent innovation and transformation, further upgrade and upgrade, and inject green, efficient, and The new kinetic energy of intelligence. Article Keywords:  Zhuji Transformation and Upgrading
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